Scenario Involving Civil Liability and Civil Action Essay

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Scenario Involving Civil Liability and Civil Action

Jacquelyne Anderson
Professor Phillip Edwards
September 14, 2014 In this scenario project I will identify four alleged crimes and one criminal civil action. In addition, I will apply principles involving criminal law relevant to the criminal justice practice, and I will demonstrate my understanding of civil liabilities relative to criminal justice agencies, and practitioners. Furthermore, I will identify case laws relevant to the possible civil action that could be brought against the police officer, the department and the city. After addressing these issues, I will have described a scenario involving a civil liability and a civil action. When identifying the four
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According to Ross (2012, paragraph1) “This increasing litigation poses a significant problem for law enforcement and other personnel who must ensure that they are performing their legal duties within the boundaries of case law”. To summarize, they require performance recognizing criminal law, however a substantial hold in contact with this civil law can advance too. Civil liability involved within the Criminal Justice System supplies very important recommendation, and safety toward correctional staff and prospective police officers, presenting them with civil liability, in most cases the federal law particularly, as long as there are symbolic phases derived from diminished chances. According to Ross (2012, p. 1) “It is because Criminal Justice practitioners restrict citizen’s and prisoners liberties and rights, and therefore are more likely to become involved in litigation than members or other professions”. When mentioning those case laws regarding the possible civil liability, that can be taken against the police officer, the department and the city, I found several case laws in reference to this scenario project like: 1) Terry vs. Ohio 392 US 1 (1963) – dealing with officers arresting individuals because of suspicion that is reasonable involving criminal activity. 2) Title 42 U.S. Code Section, 1983, - Cases involving federal civil rights on statues in which individuals