Scharffen Berger Chocolate Case Study Essay

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Academic year 2011/2012
Operations Management
Scharffen Berger Chocolate Case study
Process analysis

 From the case we can see the following relations:
- 250kg of beans  185kg of nibs; This relation can be seen in the description of the act ivity Winnower, so we know that
1kg of beans  0,74kg of nibs

As stated in the description of the Conche activity: 1.400kg of semisweet chocolate contains 850kg of nibs, in other words, 1kg of semi sweet chocolate  850/1400=0,6071kg of nibs

1kg of nibs  0,46kg of chocolate paste; This one is explained in the
Melangeur activity (nibs are composed by 54% of cocoa butter and the rest used for the chocolate paste). Despite this, we assume that all the nibs are
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b) What is the bottleneck of the process?
The bottleneck of the process is the Conche because it is th e activity with lowest capacity that influences the whole process capacity.
c) What is the capacity of the process?
The capacity of the process is 32.516,13kg of semi-sweet chocolate/month, because it is the capacity of the bottleneck: Conche.

2. Analysis of the possible acquisition of Ball Mill
a) How the analysis in 1 will change?
Acquiring the Ball Mill (which enters the production process in the second semester of
2005) enables the company to divide the Conching process in two different activities: the first one that is made by the already two existing machines – which are able to reduce the particles from 1.000 microns to 100 microns – and another made by the
Ball Mill – which will reduce from 100 microns to 25 microns. So now the Conching will only take 12 hrs for each machine to process 1.400kg of semi-sweet chocolate and the
Ball Mill will take 3 hours for each 1.400kg of semi-sweet chocolate. In the Ball Mill activity we assume that it is able to work 24 hrs as the other 2 machines. And we also assume that there are no inventories between the Conching activity and the Ball Mill.
So, given this:
1400kg of semi-sweet chocolate/12hrs per machine
1400/12=116,67kg of semi-sweet chocolate/hr per machine
116,67*24*2= 5600kg of semi-sweet chocolate/day
5600*30= 168000kg of semi-sweet