Scheduling: Emotion and Love Essay

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The topic of falling in love is expansive; the research needed to even take a slight hold of the concept is overwhelming, as well as mind-boggling. “Falling in love” is a monumental moment in an individual’s life; “butterflies in the stomach, dizziness, and walking on clouds” are mostly used to describe the feeling of falling in love. Many chemical reactions happen when individuals fall in love. There are feelings of euphoria and wholeness when people experience love. Essentially, there are two ways to fall in love. The first way to fall in love gradually over time; and the second is to experience love at first sight. Many prefer the first, since society has shaped love to be sacred and fragile, yet powerful. What many do not understand, after many surveys and researches, is that people who experience love at first sight feel the same powerful and emotional connections that people who fall gradually in love feel. Behind these feelings of instant attraction are the subconscious influences of family and society, which aid in the rapid attraction in two individuals. Family is the first thing an individual comes across when he or she is welcomed into this world. Infants and toddlers learn how to love, just like how they learn to talk, to walk and to run. All human beings are born with the capacity and the ability to love; yet actually doing so is a subtle, but needed process. As we grow up, we get closer and closer to society, where most our skills are obtained. Our setting…