Schizophrenia and completely Effective Cure Essay

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Analyzing The Traits Of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia causes its victims to lose touch with reality and time.

The disease often affect the barer with symptoms such as hearing, seeing, or feeling things that

aren't really there. They often become convinced of things that aren't true. They become paranoid

and think that people and things are out to get them. The disease usually surfaces in patients

between the ages of 13 and 36. Medication can and will control the disease. Currently there is no

known cure. In some instance when the attacks are severe, the person must be hospitalized.

"The term schizophrenia comes from the Greek words schizo (split or divide) and phrenos (mind)

and is best translated as "shattered mind". (Kraepelin E. (1907))." The word “schizophrenia”

was termed 100 years old, It is not known how long people have suffered with this affliction before it was properly diagnosed. Schizophrenia was first labeled as a mental illness by Dr. Emile Kraepelin, a German physician in 1887. Kraepelin created the term “dementia praecox” for people who had symptoms which we now know as schizophrenia. The word schizophrenia, was first introduced by Eugen Bleuler in 1908 it described the divided functions between thinking, personality, memory, and perception. He was the first Doctor to realize the four A's. Flat Affect, impaired Association of ideas, and Autism and Ambivalence. Because patients improved with this illness, Bleuler diagnosis was then termed schizophrenia. The causes of schizophrenia are still a mystery. Doctors over the centuries have

debated the reasons and causes . Many of the aspect of the disease remain unclear. There are

a few symptoms such as chemical imbalances in the brain and genealogy that play a significant

role. It is has been established that if you have a family member that has suffered from the

disease there is a higher chance to become schizophrenic. Many schizophrenic compare their

illness to being in a tunnel with no opening on either end ( Stress

and schizophrenia does not have a direct connection but it can make the symptoms worse. The

onset of schizophrenia is gradual. It can attack a person suddenly but those cases are not

common. Relatives, coworkers and friends usually see the signs and symptoms much earlier

than the victim. Early signs consist of delusions, loss of temper quickly and frequently, inability

to make decisions, nervousness, hallucinations and confusion. Schizophrenia is one of the most

serious, most common, and most mysterious mental illnesses. Even over 50 years of research

has there not been a completely effective cure or prevention. This may also be due to the fact

that research has also failed to uncover any definite cause. (Kuhn R; tr. Cahn CH (2004). But the

overarching message, from research, is that the onset and course of schizophrenia are most

likely the result of an interaction between environmental and genetic influences.( Stotz-Ingenlath

G (2000).

In later stages changes in eating or sleeping habits occur and become more

pronounced. Low energy and weight loss become significant triggers to the possibility of

suicide. Other dangerous signal of schizophrenia include strange statements or behavior, lack of

personal hygiene, a blatant disregard for friends and family and a tendency to argue. Paranoid

Schizophrenia is obsession with one or more delusions or with frequent hallucinations related to a

single theme. (Stotz-Ingenlath G (2000)). Some theories stress cruel social and emotional

experiences as one of the instrumental causes. In a specific situation, the schizophrenic may

have been the victimized by a parent, family influences or harmful child-rearing