Schizophrenia and Paragraph Marijuana Usage Essay

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Marijuana is beneficial to life. Why? What other “drug” do you know that helps cancer? I bet you can’t name any. Marijuana frees the soul. It clears your mind. People say marijuana is harmful. How? My grandmother’s been smoking since she was 11 and she’s just fine as can be. “The National Institute of Drug Abuse released the results of its 2011 Monitoring the Future Survey of teen drug use, and guess what: Teens are using cigarettes and alcohol less, but they are smoking more marijuana. What's more, they're smoking more weed because they do not perceive it to be as harmful as did teens in the past. Teens' level of "associated risk" with marijuana use has gone done over time, and marijuana is, indeed, less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes: This could be an argument for more honest drug education in schools. “ –Kristen Gwynne. As you see in the cited paragraph marijuana usage is okay. Alcohol and cigarettes are the big problem. Cigarettes harm the lungs and Alcohol harms the liver. What does marijuana do? No Answer I See. Smoking marijuana is very medicinal. “Marijuana contains cannabinoids (primarily THC) that naturally occur within the receptor system of the human body. Numerous studies have determined that cannabinoids reduce pain and can be an alternative treatment for cancer patients, people living with HIV/AIDS, those suffering from eye pain, menstrual pain, and any kind of shooting or burning pain with sensations of tingling or numbing.”- Marijuana also helps with nausea or…