Schizophrenia and Social Fact Essay

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There is no such condition as ‘Schizophrenia’, but the label is a social fact and the social fact a political event.
Schizophrenia is a long term mental disorder, involving breakdowns in relationships, between thought, emotion and behaviour leading to inappropriate actions and feelings. They are also hidden from reality and personal relationships and into fantasy and delusion. There are many symptoms regarding Schizophrenia:
Delusions – bizarre or false belief (believing they have an important status and ‘someone is out to get them’, have abnormal fears etc).
Hallucinations – bizarre, unreal thoughts and feelings towards the environment (hearing voices, seeing light or faces or smelling things).
Catatonia – immobility and waxy flexibility (they seemed fixed in a certain position for a certain amount of time).
Disorganized Thinking/Speech – (speaks very little or speaks disjointed).
In society, people intend to believe this is a mental disorder as this behaviour is unusual and different to them. They can’t see past this problem so they name it as ‘Schizophrenia’. Politically everyone see these people as ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’ and for unable to control it they are locked and hidden for the world to see. Schizophrenics have their own world, what they see, what they do, what their purpose is in the world is different to an ordinary, healthy human so instead of understanding their thoughts, they are ‘put away’.
There is no such condition as Schizophrenia. Schizophrenics are those who have had a rough past and have experienced horrible events in their life. Some lived with no love or broken trust, some are confused. They either have been through emotional or physical pain, whether it’s been away from home or been sexually abused. Schizophrenia is mostly diagnosed to young adults. Those which have high levels of pressure and stress can be Schizophrenic.
There is no such condition as Schizophrenia. Many people have been labelled as Schizophrenics, however the only thing that makes them different to the healthy are by their actions e.g. the way they talk, walk or act. Everyone has different opinions in life, different point of views and everyone has points to back up their opinions, those which are said to be ‘Schizophrenic’ have different opinions and their reasons are mostly supported by their experience. Many of their opinions are unique and uncommon they are seen abnormal and for that they are labelled as ‘Schizophrenic’.
The same reason to their behaviour, with what they have suffered from, they will want to keep quiet or want to be alone, they will see events run again in their heads or hear voices, it’s very likely to happen but due to their experience they can’t be labelled as a Schizophrenic.
If we look closely into society, who is in charge? Who makes all the rules? Who decides whether this person is a Schizophrenic or not? Doctors and Psychologists are those who have the power to decide whether someone has Schizophrenia or not. They have the power to send someone into away and put into an asylum.
On the other hand all these issues are abnormal. All the symptoms as well as the condition Schizophrenia is not normal or healthy. It doesn’t only put one’s life at risk but other lives to. So for safety reasons the Schizophrenic is sent away and locked up.
Schizophrenia is a condition. Scientist proves that Schizophrenia is an illness as a normal well brain and a Schizophrenic brain have a different structure. An enlarged brain ventricle is seen in some Schizophrenics showing a shortage volume of brain tissue. There is also evidence of abnormally low activity in the frontal lobe, the area of the brain responsible for planning, reasoning, and decision-making. Statistics show individuals with Schizophrenia have up tp 25% less volume of gray matter in their brains, especially in the temporal and frontal lobs.

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