Essay about Schizophrenia: Psychology and ally Wade

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Ally Wade “Student reaction”

The topic Schizophrenia was not a well-known topic to me, which is why I decided to choose it. I find it to become more interesting while doing research on topics not very familiar to me.
After reading the article I had similar thoughts which all revolved around one word, scary. This disorder is a very terrifying illness in my eyes. It’s beyond me how people affected with Schizophrenia can think they are being watched, hear noises, and see things that you and I may not be able to. Severe symptoms including the feeling that others are controlling their mind really interest me. If someone without this disorder hears about mind control or other certain hallucinations and delusions they may see the person as “crazy”. It almost makes me question how people suffering from this mental disorder can live a successful life. With the constant worrying and agitation these people go through on a daily basis leads you to think nothing but that. Symptoms such as negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms that attach to Schizophrenia also interested me as well. The symptoms that are associated with these two categories can easily be mistaken for another condition. Therefore you may have Schizophrenia and may not be aware of it at the time. Lastly, the nicotine addiction caught my attention. I’m eager to know why people with this disorder