Scholarship Boy Richard Rodriguez Analysis

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In the first reading Scholarship Boy by Richard Rodriguez some of the main ideals that stood out to me was the fact that we change the more we read and study. Because we read other authors ideas, styles, and diction and incorporate a similar style in our writing. However, most of this incorporation is subconscious but I’m not the same writer I was a year ago and it’s because I’ve learned more and have incorporated those ideas in my writing. Also, another key point in the reading is the fact that everyone has different backgrounds and background knowledge. So it’s important to remember that not everyone is going to have the same style and diction. Some of the academic habits of mind Richard Rodriguez used in his writing was analysis, empathy, and critical …show more content…
I think this might be helpful to writers and readers to see others views and perspectives and it can help you understand the text in more depth. Another concept that I enjoyed in this reading is relating to disliking books and not being able to connect with them on a personal level. Personally I have a hard time relating to books and understanding the plots but when people suggest books to me and tell me about them I tend to connect with the characters more and understand why they enjoy the books. Some of the academic habits of mind Gerald Graff used in his writing are critical thinking, inquiry, and empathy. He uses critical thinking when reading to better understand the texts and it helps him to create in depth conversations with his peers about the readings. The author uses inquiry when he researches the critics opinions on the books he is reading to better connect to the text. Also, he uses empathy while reading to see things from the critics’ point of view to better build his own thoughts on the