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Hi, I am Michael Antretter and to the best of my knowledge, I will not be receiving financial aid grant funding for Summer Sea Term, 2013, from any other source other than the Alumni Association.
"One hand for oneself and one for the ship" literally means that when you are on a ship, always use one hand to steady yourself, and one to work, but to me it means so much more. It can be fitted to so much more than just ships but to land based jobs, personal relationships, and even classes. I have had experiences here at Maritime College that proves this quote does not only apply to ships. During my Mug year, I was having much trouble with the first tracing that we were required to do for ENGR 540. We had to completely trace out the main steam system on the ship. Being a JDOC mug, I had very little time to learn about the ship and was thrown right into the mix with the August mugs, who had already had a whole semester to learn the ship and where certain equipment was. I needed help and when I reach out to my SQL Eric Cassone, he dropped everything and took me right to the ship to give me an in-depth walk out on the main steam system. That is truly keeping "one hand for oneself and one for the ship." He knew that his own work was important but also knew that by helping thoroughly, he could then ask me to help others spreading the knowledge he had given me through peer to peer learning. I was very grateful for this and happily helped other walking out the system sometimes several times a night