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Since the day of my birth, my family has always wanted me to be a doctor. I was in a Christian school until 5th grade. That was when I started middle school. Du to a financial crisis in the family, I wasn’t able to go to a Catholic middle school. However, in 7th grade, my parents somehow arranged for me to go to a Catholic middle school. I was very grateful because spending one year in a public middle school was just horrible.
I would like to be a doctor. I have decided to go to a medical collage after I graduate high school. While I was growing up, my parents were ill. Since they didn’t have insurance, they weren’t able to get a proper check-up. I decided that when I grow up I want to help people who don’t have insurance.
Why is a Catholic education important to me, you ask. Well, first, my parents went to a Catholic school and I would like to follow in their foot steps. A person who has had an education from a Catholic school has always grown up to be successful. A Catholic school doesn’t just deepen your faith but also teaches each and every person great values to live by.
For example, manners. I have witnessed the behavior of students in a Catholic school and students in a non-Catholic school. Let me tell you, a student from the Catholic school was more respectful to his teacher than a student from a non-Catholic school.
Besides manners a Catholic school teaches us about appearance. Sure I don’t wear designer clothes every day, but I know that I have to look nice