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My name is Julie Cooper. I am a 32 year old woman returning back to school after a thirteen year absence. After obtaining my GED at the age of 17, I ventured out into the business world. I have worked in many companies over the years, only to find myself at a dead end. As a mother to three children under the age of seven, providing my children with a quality education has always been a high priority in my home. I felt it was time to lead by example and show my children that it is never too late to better yourself or your situation. Through my hard work, I maintain a grade point average that will not only make my educational goals possible, but also, provide my children with a model of dedication and determination. This is my first semester as a Criminal Justice major at Luzerne County Community College. My goal is to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice or Social Work. I hope to utilize my education and life experiences to obtain a job working for the juvenile detention system; providing at-risk youth with the tools and support to succeed in the world today. Making a difference in the lives of the future generation that will be leading this country is a concept that is extremely important to me. This scholarship would help to ease some of the tensions that accompany the cost of my educational goals. I rely on student loans to pay for my education. This scholarship would allow me to borrow less money toward my school tuition and books. Repaying student loans is…