Scholarship Essay On Gun Violence

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The Cameron William Selmon Scholarship Essay
What is gun violence? Gun violence is a serious public health issue. Gun violence is the use of a gun(firearm or small arm) used in an unlawful way to cause harm or death intentional or accidental.

What is an epidemic? An epidemic is an widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community or city at particular time. Gun violence has become an epidemic in Memphis because each year there has been 11,000 or more homicides. Meaning that each year there has been an outstanding amount of people killing each other.

Why do we consider gun violence to be an epidemic? We consider gun violence to be an epidemic because it relates to themes such as:human failings, individual acts of selflessness, and the breakdown of social
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Exposure to gun violence impacts the body harshly. Gun violence isa very important issue that needs to be addressed. We as a country continue to let this gun violence go on, but I believe there needs to be a stop to this before it get way out of hand and everything comes to an end.

As a citizen of the United States, I am willing to do whatever is possible to stand up against gun violence. I strongly do not believe in gun violence. Gun violence is very unacceptable. I don't care how mad you may get at a person it does not take the use of a gun to solve a situation. What more does using a gun do? It doesn't solve anything and it only create more problems for yourself and for you country/ city. In order to stand up against gun violence I am willing to participate in national days to stop gun violence, make a contribution to gun violence prevention, and volunteer with a local gvp group in order to put a stop to gun violence.

In conclusion, gun violence is a major issue all around the world and it is an issue that needs to be