Essay Scholarship: Lost and Small Town Atmosphere.

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Michelle Locke
English 12
March 23,2015 I can’t choose just one “Armada Moment” to share with you, and if I chose to share all of them, this essay would never end. I moved to Armada when I was two, grew up here, went to school here, and had the first chapter of my life here. Most people think living in small farming town would be extremely boring, but it isn’t. Life here is nothing like New York City, but I would choose Armada over New York anyday.
If I’m going to be completely honest in this essay, sometimes I get angry with the small town atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone’s business, everyone gossips, and everyone in the town goes to the same places. Maybe that is just me being an angsty teen, but it gets annoying. Sometimes I want to go out in sweats and no make up, and not see people I know.
On the other hand, sometimes I am thrilled with the small town atmosphere. Our community has a way of coming together at the darkest times, no matter the situation the community is there for you; either with a spaghetti dinner, or a candlelight vigil. Other communities are not as lucky as ours, to have such caring people live around them.
My schooling in Armada is coming to a close, but I have nothing but good memories to look back on. Meeting my best friend is one of the greater memories I have. Not everyone gets lucky enough to meet someone and be a close as close can be for eleven years, but I am. Without Armada I wouldn’t be that lucky. Also if Armada did