Scholastic Day

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I - Definitions: Summer Break - Memorial Day-Labor Day

Travel - make a journey, typically of some length

Scholastic Year - of, relating to, or befitting schools, scholars, or education

Variable Student Instructional Year - at least 1,080 hours of instructional time with the number of days being adopted by the local board of education.

Instructional Time - time scheduled for purposes of instruction and examinations/tests.

II - Purpose: This bill will amend the Code of Alabama §16-1-1 which concerns the Scholastic Year. This bill will extend the length of Summer Break, hopefully encouraging more in-state travel. This in-state travel will generate revenue for our state, helping Alabama to get out of debt. This bill will also reduce money spent on cooling our schools, as school would not be in session during the hottest part of the year. In the Code of Alabama §16-1-1, the Scholastic Year begins with the first day in July and ends with the last day of June each year. This bill will make school be in session from Labor Day, the first Monday in September, until Memorial Day, the last Monday in May. This bill will also change the Scholastic Year to be from Labor Day until Memorial Day as well. To allow this, schools will only close for the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day and day after; Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; New Year's Eve and New Year's Day; and the last week in
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Schools can choose their own calendars but must have at least 1,080 instructional hours and be in session between the new Scholastic Year dates of Labor Day until Memorial Day with at least 150 school days in this alternate calendar. This would allow schools to have longer school days to allow for more holiday breaks during the year. However, if schools wish to lengthen the instructional hours to over 7 hours per day, the calendars will have to be approved by the Alabama State Board of