School: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Power Corrupts Essay

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AP Lang Tom Major

Books that I read in 9th grade:
The Old Man and the Sea- When chasing your dreams, don’t let anything get in your way.
With the right amount of will, anything can be accomplished
Frankenstein- Knowledge in the wrong hands has lead to many dangerous creations
One man’s greatest accomplishment can also be his worst
The Travelers Gift- Never give up, even if it seems there is no way to keep moving on.
The one standing in your way is yourself
Anthem- Happiness is the greatest accomplishment if it is achieved by one’s own means
When you have a goal, go for it, before someone else tries to take it away from you
Of Mice and Men- There will always be obstacles in your way and the only way to get around them is by hard work
Two is better than one. Being with one dysfunctional friend is better than living alone
Romeo and Juliet: Love doesn’t know what distance is and cannot separate two for long
Fate can ripe to people apart as quick as they were brought together
Fahrenheit 451: Forcing a culture to give up their traditions is like forcing them to forget how to ride a bike
Is ignorance bliss, or do knowledge and learning provide true happiness?
Books that I read in 10th grade:
Oedipus the King- Trying to ignore your fate can lead you right into it
Power corrupts and mentally blinds the brain from the right judgment
Night: Family is the greatest strength one can have
Being able to part from the crowd and sticking to yourself can give