The Management Of A School

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The management of a school, are the ways in which a school is ran. The administrator is the leader of education on his are her campus. Their job is the success rate of students through their management of resources, the school, and daily activities. They also have the task of creating guidelines to engage successful learning and teaching. These tasks also include environmental/contextual factors and community needs of the school. The school if properly managed, can be an effective, safe, and efficient learning institution. A successful administrator provides and maintains a healthy and safe campus for all faculty and staff, students, and parents and guardians. A successful administrator must also be knowledgeable of the environmental/contextual factors, as well as the community needs or our school. My principal has been able to match a solution for some of these factors.
There are three different types of contextual factors. The first one is the community in which the students live. Unfortunately, the environment has a huge impact on the lives of students. As a teacher especially at my school, you must be aware and familiar challenges and the negative opportunities that our students will have in the world once they are outside of the four walls of our school. Sadly at my school, ninety percent of the students enrolled come from single family homes. Some students are the oldest ones in their family and they have to portray the mother or father role for their younger siblings. This limits their childhood in some extent and it also impacts them on being able to do their own school work which is required. Our principal has established tutorial groups formed by members of the community. These groups provide students more help outside of the traditional classroom, and it also allows an opportunity for students to build positive relationships with members of the community. The students of today are our future leaders of tomorrow, and we need to ensure that they receive the best possible education to make sure that they are ready to be successful.
The second factor is the classroom and school environments. These two have a great impact on student lives. As an administrator and a teacher, you must be able accept as well as accommodate these environments. The students in your classroom are your immediate family and you make sure that you take care of your immediate family. You make sure that they understand the lesson that is being taught. You make sure that they stay on task at all times to display positive behavior. These factors add to the constructive, and also the positive development and growth in these environments. The goal is that all the learning needs of all the students are being noticed and they are being addressed.
Another factor in which is important that teachers come across with planning instruction is to learn and discover the background information and the learning needs of each of their students. The contextual factors will be different and they will also change for each class of students. Classroom teachers must be able to modify, change, and adapt learning activities so that all students can have an opportunity to learn to their utmost capabilities. Even if you are born with an identical twin, no two students are the same. Every student has their own unique and diverse set of capabilities, desires, and needs. As a teacher, you must be prepared for different learning styles, learning behavior, prior knowledge, and spoken language. As a teacher no matter how many students are in your classroom with however many different needs, your job is get the students academically ready to be successful. You must ensure that progress and master the skills, methods, principles, and concepts that are being taught in the classroom. Helping each individual student become successful through learning, will provide them the best opportunity to be successful in life.
Differentiated instruction is a theory on education provides