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Our New Lunch Program-
A Change for the Better?

Legislature has changed laws regarding our children’s lunch menu. Should they be allowed to do this? Why should they be able to decide what our children eat? Is this new menu even working in our schools in our communities? Our schools in our communities are serving new lunch menus to our children, in order to decrease child obesity. Don’t get me wrong, this could be a good thing, but at whose expense? Will our government benefit and our children lose out? I personally would rather my child to be able to eat what he wants at school, and let me worry about his nutritional intake at home, if there are any concerns.

I don’t think it should be of any concern to them as to what our children eat. Our children’s eating habits should be monitored at home, not at school. I think the school system should be more concerned with our children’s education, and in keeping our school’s educational curriculum in order, and not focus on what they eat.

The principals are feeling the impact of the new lunch regulation at various schools. Some are in support of it, and some are not. They have been hearing from parents about how unhappy their children are about the low-calorie drinks and low-fat meals served at lunch and in the vending machines. My son complains about the very same thing. The principals see that the food is being wasted because children are not eating these fruits and vegetables, and children are going home hungry. Coaches are complaining also, stating that the athletes need more calorie intake, because they burn more calories. My son is an athlete, and his appetite is three times my appetite. He eats a lot at home, so I know the lunch at school is not enough for him. Even the food portions are smaller now, and I have also noticed the price for breakfast and lunch has increased. My son came home from the school the other day and told me of all the changes that were made to their lunch menus. A lot of the food they are serving the children, they don’t eat or like, so that means that the children are going home hungry. These unappetizing foods are causing children to waste food. They have changed the vending machines to low-calorie drinks. I find that a lot of adults don’t like to drink low-calorie drinks, so how can we make these types of drinks the only choices available to our children?

Forty-eight of 50 states are facing challenges complying with the Health Hunger-Free Kids Act. Kids are throwing out their fruits and vegetables, and have to deal with odd food combinations in order to be in compliance with the regulation. Some of the school districts have left the school lunch program altogether. The House Education and the Workforce Committee have already sent a letter to the U.S. Secretary of