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Four years ago I began a Secondary School teaching degree specialising in Physical Education. As I started my school placement in my third year, I became ill and could not finish my teaching placement. I have finish my BA (Hons) Physical Education degree in June 2010 with a 2.2.
I knew that I enjoyed working with children, but had not realised what a rewarding, inspiring and long life career teaching could be. I have discovered that whilst knowledge is essential, finding exciting, inspiring and fun ways to convey that knowledge is the key to effective teaching. During my initial teaching placement I taught at both key stages three and four, I also shared responsibility for a Year 9 tutor group. Throughout my teaching practice I have developed a range of skills including organisation, being part of a team, how to use voice control and various ways to improve teaching and learning. I also realised that where I positioned myself whilst teaching affected the behaviour of the pupils. My work experience in schools has enabled me gain excellent experience in classroom observation. Through my degree I have had the opportunity to work with a Primary Link Teacher and through this was able to teach P.E in many primary school pupils. I am looking forward to developing my teaching skills and driving further professional development.
I feel that through teaching Physical Education many pupils can improve their interpersonal skills with those around them but are also increasing their own levels of motivation and pride in what they, Physical education enables pupils to communicate in different ways by using their imagination and bodies.

I have built my ICT knowledge through my degree and on my placement I used ICT resources such as a Smart Board to improve teaching and learning. I understand the importance that ICT holds within the new national curriculum. Through my knowledge of physical education, I have developed my subject knowledge in science and human biology. I feel primary age children should have increased knowledge on how the body works and how to prepare themselves for the future. I have a keen interest in ‘Healthy Schools’ and I feel it is a key area.
Along side my course and teaching I have many other interests and significant dealings with children. I believe in the importance of residential trips and extra curricular opportunities. I currently work in Amazon Adventure in Worthing Leisure Centre where I supervise the children’s play area. I think of creative activities for the children to do for the craft corner and love to prepare different hands on activities. I have held the role of holiday programme co-ordinator for 4 years where I work alongside the sports officer to organise staff, select the activities that the leisure centre will run during the school holidays and plan sessions. I have planned sessions which ranged from parachute activities to athletic. I am also in charge of the staffs which are working throughout the day. This job has given me the opportunity to improve my organisational skills, time management and how to use communication effectively. Having the role as co-ordinator, I am the first person the parent or carer comes to if there are any problems with their child. I particularly enjoy this part of the job as it allows me to build a strong bond with not only the child but also the parent or carer too. I feel the relationship with parents, teacher and student is important and plays an important part in the development of the child. This role has enabled me to provide quality childcare facility during school holidays; to provide activities with the children and ensure that a safe, happy and stimulating environment is provided at all times. I am employed through the Worthing Leisure Centre, to go out to local primary schools and coach pupils in afterschool activities. Currently I am working at a Heene First School coaching a group of 16 children gymnastics.

I am keen to develop students in and