Essay on School and Religion

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Arts, Media, Philosophy
1. Should organized religious groups be political advocates or tend the spiritual needs of people? Is possible to strike a balance?
2. What is a hero? Is the true meaning of the word being diluted in today's media?
3. What values do “reality television” shows appeal to? How have they changed television viewing habits?
4. In an age of information, are Americans any more or less literate than they used to be? Why is this the case? And what are the consequences of this trend?
5. While we say we value originality in American culture, do we? Is an original really more valuable than a copy, and, if so, why?
Science, Health, and Environmental Issues
1. With so many problems on planet Earth, should the United States continue to fund space exploration?
2. What is the impact of disposable products and packaging in the marketplace and on the environment? Are there better ways to do business? Should new government regulations be developed? Are the environmental hazards overstated?
3. Should U.S. environmental policy focus on developing more oil resources or on developing renewable energy sources? Or, is there another, better way to frame the discussion?
4. Should developing nations be held to the same levels of pollution control as more advanced nations? Why or why not?
5. Most developed nations have universal health coverage. Why doesn’t the United States have universal health coverage?
The Social Sciences
1. American prisons have a disparity of minority inmate population. Is this trend due to a higher rate of minority crimes or the manner in which the judicial system operates?
2. Mixed racial and cultural groups are growing in the United States. Should each group expect to be treated as a separate entity, or should residents of the United States be considered Americans without the hyphen?
3. What motivates terrorists and assassins, and how do their actions