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The topic of animal cruelty is one of great importance to the world today. Why
Animals are rewarding their part in the environments and communities of the earth, and to the best amount that they are able.
We, as humans, decided that we are a much advanced life form and can basically treat anything else in this world in ways which we cannot imagine being treated. As a result the threads holding our earth together tightly in the balance are being slowly unraveled to lead into ultimate self-destruction.
In 1988, 16, 989 animals died in laboratories in the United Kingdom.
All living things have a right to live on this Earth but, we, very often become, totally, unmoved to their pain, only because animals can’t speak the language of humans, they don’t have a voice
When God created this planet he had a detailed purpose for all living things and He did so to strike a balance in his creation. He wanted a world where harmony and peace overcame and so He made the ‘Food Chain’ which maintains the environmental balance in Nature.
Slowly and gradually, with the passage of time, he became so selfish that he started believing that the planet was made only to fool him. He also started using animals for scientific research in the field J medicine, cosmetic industry etc. In his bid to know more and more, carried out experiments on them, treated them as scientific tools and! Stopped feeling their pain
The torture and cruelty, these smart animals have to go through, wheel research is being carried out on them, is a well-known fact. Only recent the plight of animals that are used for research in the prestigious ‘All India! Medical Sciences’ was exposed by the Media.
Such cruelty, letting them suffer in pain sends a shiver through the spine. The animals, kept in small enclosures, were going round and round in circles which is proof of their’ nervous breakdown. Is it not cruelty?
I do not mean that all research should be stopped but if an animal is in pain! It should be put to death rather than just letting it live, for animals too feel pain, moreover, we can also ensure that they are looked after well.
Similarly, birds and some animals, used to living in the wilds, are poured just to sell them as pets, where they are kept in cages or in surroundings alien to their natural habitat. Little do we realize that a bird iced to flying freely in the sky cannot be happy in a cage?
An animal, used roaming around freely in its natural habitat cannot be happy living in cage or small enclosures. There is no doubt that a great deal of cruelty to animals is due to our mindset that animals are happy as long as they are ell fed, which is not correct; imagine yourself being kept captives and then our would understand what it means.
Light of the pets that are kept in houses is also no better. They are orally at our mercy and even if ill-treated cannot say anything neither is anyone concerned about their condition. It would not be