School Bullying Essay

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Schools are meant for students to learn. Schools are supposed to help students learn how to interact with others. Parents do not send their children off to school to be bullied and terrorized on a daily basis. The controversial “Zero Tolerance” policy should not be adapted in all schools. Although bullying should never be tolerated for any reason, how can a child become expelled from school without even trying to figure out what the underlying problem is?
Studies have shown that school bullying is at an all-time high. One in four children is being bullied in school. Schools not the only place students are getting bullied either. Cyber bullying is continued after school hours. How can a student possibly be able to learn when they’re at fear while in school? The most common type of bullying is verbal. Statistics shows about 77 percent of students have been verbally bullied at one time. Teenage girls love to use4 social media as a breaking ground for bullying. About fourteen percent of all bullying cases have and extreme negative affect against the victim. Some become depressed, develop anxiety, poor self-esteem and in the most severe and worst cases the student may even commit suicide do to the bullying they have endured.
Why do students bully their peers? There are many reasons why students bully. This is why the Zero Tolerance policy should not be adapted in every school. Many students may suffer home problems. Maybe the parents do not provide proper supervision for their child. Also in many cases the parents may be abusive and this could be why the student feels like they can do it to others. Older siblings may be to blame also. An older brother may terrorize his little brother on a daily basis which causes him to bring the same acts to school. Parents may also not even discipline their kids at all. So now the children feel as though they are free to do as they please. Some cases there are not even any family problems or issues going on to cause the student to bully his or hers peers. Sometimes people bully others to try and impress their friends. They want to look tough and cool so they bully others to try and gain some kind of respect. At times they just want to fit in so instead of being the one getting bullied they are the ones causing all the damage.
In a lot of cases is the teachers stepped up and took charge bullying would be able to be controlled. Bully’s become a stronger entity in schools where