School: Corporate Social Responsibility and Nike Essay

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Case study: Nike’s CSR Challenge After the widespread report on the workers of Nike in the plantation in 2005, Nike worked on the reports of social and environmental practices. Nike needs to consider the welfare of the workers and the profits they are earning. Nike’s future depends on the reconstructing the information that are being sent to customers, suppliers, investors, so that company is sustainable as well as profitable. Changing the rules and regulation is not only enough but they should also engage in transcending leadership and should be able to resolve systematic problems to achieve the goals of the organization. If they don’t make any changes in the financial markets, all their changes are worthless. 1) What are the challenges regarding corporate social responsibility that companies in the apparel industry face in its supply chains around the world? * There were many cases found such as mistreating employees in more than one third of Nike’s south Asian plants. There were also reports claiming most of the factories in the same region didn’t allow access to toilet or to drink water. And in some factories the workers were forced to work all seven days of the week. They were also paid below the minimum and were also punished if they refused to work overtime. They wanted to reconstruct the signals being given out so that they could be sustainable as well as profitable. 2) Discuss the meaning and implications of the statement by a Nike representative that