School Counseling 2 Essay

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Date: 2-7-13
Hour: 2nd
Name: Sharon Peralta

School Counseling

Many people think school should be a place of just core curriculum and a couple of electives. They believe it should not offer a separate time for student counseling; a special time where students can just let things go. Many people think that that’s just a waste of the kids teaching time and a waste of money to be hiring more counselors.
What do I personally think about this topic? I absolutely disagree with all those people who do not believe student should have their own separate time of counseling. First of all our Life as students would not seem/feel so over whelming. As teenagers/preteens, we have many things going on our life. Our minds are always filled with things that we are going through. Second of all There would not be as many problems in the school as there are. Many studies show that the main reason of misbehavior in students is because of the lack of attention they get in parts of their life; therefore, they make a whole bunch of ruckus to gain some of that attention. That’s where the counseling would come in handy. They would give them suggestions to change that negative attention into positive attention. For example they could find a sport and get into the varsity team or join a club at school and later on that club or just simply doing well in their curriculum. Finally I strongly believe students would actually want to come to school. Why would they? They, We, US students would actually…