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Cybercrime is a very disturbing crime to me it interacts with different branches of crimes it consist of identity theft, copyrights ,bullying, warfare, and also cyber stalking are all a part of a cybercrime but also it is a computer crime because it uses computer tools to help people meet their illegal ends . Other cybercrimes are fraud, trafficking and child pornography.

Cybercrime it is one of the fastest growing crime in the world and more and more criminals are exploiting the speed and convenience anonymity that modern technologies offer in order to commit a a diverse range of criminal activities. Anyone could become a victim of cybercrime but there is investigation being done to protect people from it and solve the crimes. What is the extent of cybercrime in the united states?
The extent is becoming very dangerous and serious this could include online scams also here in the U.S we are the highest target for cyber crimes. It is very hard to measure the extent of cybercrimes they don’t necessarily record it as a computer related offense. The people who hack alone cost the U.S billions of the dollars every year.

How do you think we should control/enforce cybercrime?
One of the first step you can take is to add websites protection such as firewall to avoid computer scams and viruses are less likely to bug your software, another step you can take is making sure you don’t give out personal information or mine online unless it is 100 % secure. If it is not secure