Criminal Law Reforms Imperil Abortion Rights

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Criminal Law Reforms Imperil Abortion Rights, Atty. Gen. Says
July 26, 1989 | KEITH LOVE, Times Political Writer
Democratic Atty. Gen. John K. Van de Kamp charged Tuesday that criminal statute reforms supported by two of his opponents for governor in 1990 "could lead to the criminalization of abortion" in California. His contention set off a rage among some California district attorneys, but it also put Van de Kamp's opponents on the defensive and opened a debate that will dominate political discussions for months.
Meese Probably Broke 3 Criminal Laws, Report Says
July 18, 1988 | Reuters
An independent counsel said in an 814-page report released today that Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese III probably broke three criminal laws while in office but that prosecution was not warranted. "In certain instances Mr. Meese's conduct probably violated the criminal law, but . . . no prosecution is warranted," said the report by the independent counsel, James C. McKay, detailing various conflict-of-interest charges against the nation's top law enforcement officer.
Criminal Law Won't Stop AIDS : Harsh Measures Are an Overreaction, and Counterproductive
July 6, 1987 | LARRY GOSTIN, Larry Gostin is the executive director of the American Society of Law and Medicine in Boston.
Fears that out-of-control AIDS patients are seeking vengeance by exposing others to their virus have fueled demands for criminal sanctions. Approximately 30 criminal cases--alleging intentional transmission by biting, spitting, donating