School Days And Year Longer

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There is a crisis in American schools today; many African American male students are 7 years behind grade level and are in need to catch up! School is a place that all students should get the right amount of education to be successful in life. We don’t want uneducated future teachers, doctors, policemen etc. Do we? President Obama’s plan is to lengthen the school day and year. Isn’t that a fantastic idea? In this generation students definitely need to be spending more time in school. Failing to educate students is definitely a mistake that will hurt America in the near future. Some think it is a great idea while others strongly oppose. Obama should most definitely make school days and year longer! The first reason Mr. President should make school days and year longer because it gives students a better shot at success. If students don’t have success in their future, more crimes and teen pregnancies may occur. In text B it states “what happens when children are not engaged in enriching activities in well-documented: crimes committed by youth in the hours immediately after school soar, as do teen pregnancies.” This shows that student needs to spend more time in school activities so they don’t have a chance to do these things. Longer school hours are great because it helps other students who are struggling. In text B it states “these hours can…provide an opportunity for children to grow.” The second reason why this is a great idea to have longer school days and year because students will learn a lot more if they spend more time in school. Let’s face it; the more time you spend in school, the easier life may be when you graduate. Students may get better job opportunities offered and the easier college may be. In text C it stated “on the face of it, the suggestion seems logical: students will learn more if they spend more time in school.” This proves that they would strive for a better education.” They could also score higher on standardized tests and entering college better prepared. Lastly, students who spend more time in school may help families’ big time! In both