The State Of Davidson County

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Amber West I chose the state of North Carolina to find and research a district on. Once I looked at many different districts one stuck out to me which is the district of Davidson County. My cousin moved to North Carolina about 3 and a half years ago. She then ended up having a baby with her lovely boyfriend Bo. Their daughter Jacionna is now in kindergarten and they wanted the best education for her since they both didn’t really receive that during their childhood. They researched and visited many different districts. About 5 districts later and many hard long months they finally came across the district of Davidson County. My cousin says overall its just one giant family. She said she has never met teachers who are so caring and concerned about each and every of their students. Another plus was that with the many different schools distributed around the area there is almost always a local school that’s easy to get to! Also the schools aren’t crowded at all and there are plenty of teachers so each and every student can get that one on one time that they need! Overall this district is a great place to raise children and a good opportunity for any kind of family! Their mission statements really interested me as well! Their mission statements are, to empower students to achieve high academic goals. Also to challenge educators to attain high professional standards. Its also really interesting that they have a vision statement. I have never heard of one of these before. Their vision statement is as follows, the vision of Davidson