School Distrsct Negotiation Essay

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Miami School District Negotiation
November 16, 2011
Dave Krause

Miami School District Negotiation Tensions are building in the Miami school district. The school board has begun to feel pressure coming from many concerned parents. The board plans to hold a public meeting to inform the community about the plans for the future of Miami schools in addition to giving the public a chance to give feedback about the plans. The city values quality childhood education, and recognizes desire parents have to see their children succeed. The school board wishes to create the most effective education environment, and think that rezoning the local school districts is necessary to achieve that goal. Several concerns must be addressed between the board and parents. Quality of education and travel time to the new school may be affected. The Miami school board feels that an appropriate balance of students between the different schools will create a better learning environment for each student. The school board acknowledges for many but not all, there will be an increase in travel time. The board feels that parents should weigh the benefit of a better education verse a few extra minutes in the car each day. Miami has a wide array of economic boundaries and cultures. District rezoning will encourage students to cross these boundaries, developing a broader worldview. Parents are also concerned with property values in addition to social effects on their children. Although some schools academics rank higher than other schools in the Miami districts, the board feels that the rezoning will increase the level of education across the city as a whole. Property values in general should increase as academics increase. The well-being of each child is important to school board members. The board feels that most children will make a smooth transition from current schools to new schools. Trained staffs are on hand to identify children struggling to adjust to the new school environment and will ensure proper counseling is available.
Whenever school district boundaries are changed, it has a large effect on the overall community. Schools are an important foundation of any community. People in public service such as the school bus driver who takes children to school every day, to the local law enforcement officer who monitors traffic in school zones are affected. On an economic level, even small businesses like coffee shops, daycare facilities and gas stations can see large changes in their business. People depend on schools for their business whether they work directly with the school or not. It is for this reasoning that the entire community can be considered stakeholders based on how and where people go to school.
Although many in the community are affected, the principal stakeholders when a school district decides to redraw district boundaries are the school board, teachers, parents and students within the districts. The school board has to manage the costs, enrollment and educational needs of its students. They are responsible for making the call on what is too much or too little for students within their school districts. Parents are focused on making sure their kids receive the best education possible. Parents are also concerned with the prospect of increased travel time, effects on property value, and social effects on their children. As tax payers, parents are also responsible for funding the school board and its decision to rezone the district. Most importantly, parents are concerned with the welfare and safety. The teachers are the face of the school district to both parents and students. They must represent the school district in a positive manner but are also charged with the education and safety of the students in their classes. The teachers will have to implement any changes the district board puts into place and attempt to maintain scholastic high standards.