School Dress Code Analysis

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August 7th, 2015 a girl named Jacklynn Rose was at school. That school only had a strict dress code for girls, and Jacklynn had a tank top on with spaghetti straps with a cardigan over the tank top. She had length appropriate shorts on. Jacklynn got to school and when she walked into the office to turn in the sports check, the principal saw her and stopped her and asked, “what are you wearing? Is that according to school dress code? Did your mother see you before you left your house?” The principal called her mother and said that Jacklynn did not have a school appropriate dress attire on and her mother needed to come get her and take her home for the day. The dress code specifically said, you can wear spaghetti straps as long as you have something over it and that you can’t see the shoulders. As this whole ordeal was going on a boy named Sam Mitchell walked in with a shirt on that was a muscle shirt …show more content…
If a girl likes Ugg boots and Starbucks she's stereotypical. If she likes combat books and obscure coffee houses she's a wanna be hipster and tries too hard. If she listens to boy bands or any other popular bands or songs then she's a follower. If she reads comics or plays video games she's poser/ fake geek girl. If she wears makeup she's fake. If she doesn't she should wear it. If she has low self- esteem she needs to learn to love herself, but if she has high-self esteem she's conceited and vain. Girls are mocked for everything they do, or don't do. Nothing will change if people don’t make the change too. One day girls will be the next women. All these girls will know is ridicule and judgement unless we make the change and be rid of all judgement and make men and women equal. Then the women’s right movement will be complete and all the hate for feminists will go away and then there will be more peace and one step to make America a less hateful