School Dress Code

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Some high schools are requiring students to follow a strict dress code while in school. This may seem like a frivolous topic, but I feel a mandatory dress code can be an important element in fostering good behavior and reducing temptations that lead to potentially serious situations. There are also other collateral benefits of forcing students to conform to a specific dress code. Students do not have to continually look for different types of clothes or be subject to the ridiculous fades of the fashion industry. They do not have to pay exorbitant prices or comb through crowded stores to find the latest dresses, pants, or sneakers. There is also a greater chance to eliminate favoritism and create a fairer environment for students if a standard dress code is required in schools. For these and other reasons, I believe a strict dress code needs to be mandatory in all high schools. One of the most serious problems in schools today is bullying. Bullying occurs at all ages, and stems …show more content…
In today’s world, weapons are more available then ever before and access to the internet provides children with the opportunity to obtain information about anything they want. Furthermore, with the breakdown of the family unit, students are often left to their own devices and are modeling behavior that is sensationalized in movies and video games. This situation has led to students bringing knives, guns, or even bombs into their schools and threatening the lives of anyone in attendance. These items can easily be concealed in certain types of clothing and are virtually undetectable by any security guard or faculty member. Creating a mandatory dress code would allow the school to establish rules that would make it much more difficult for a student to bring a weapon into school. It would also create a baseline that would allow a faculty member to search a student if something looked unusual or