School Dress Code Essay

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If our school could have a change in the school dress code then I think that I would significantly change the restrictions on wearing certain clothing or accessories. This includes: leggings, hats, and or flip-flops. I think that these changes would be significant because, I think that students and staff has the right to express their full personality. But with this policy going on we students or staff can’t do that. So I believe that if I change the dress code to where it benefits everyone then everyone can be happy about the way they express their personality.
The first thing that I would change about the dress code would be that the girls can be allowed to wear leggings. The only reason that I believe that I would do this change is because,
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I think that hats also express people’s personality. I believe that many people are used to wearing hats at home and kinda want to continue wearing them to school. I also think that it is kinda messed up because the school actually allows you to wear a hat but only on hat day for a dollar. I just don’t understand why we can’t wear hats everyday. Some people I think that just like hats because they have a bad hair day or they just get a bad haircut.
The third thing that I would allow would be flip-flops. I think many people like flip-flops because they are comfortable. Wearing flip-flops airs out your feet whether than being cramped up in a shoe or struggling in high heels. The reason why the school does not allow us students to wear them is because they can be a hazard on the stairs. I think that if us students want to wear them and get tripped, then it is our fault, but don’t interfere with our style.
Therefore as you can see I think that the dress code can have a dramatic change. The dress code can be changed by: allowing the girls to wear leggings, allowing students and staff wear hats, and allowing everyone to wear flip-flops. I believe that these are the basic things that can be changed on the dress code, but even with these said I think that there are many more that can be changed on the dress