School Dress Code Violations

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school dress code violations are one of the most time-consuming offenses. It could easily be changed by implementing school uniforms. With school uniforms there is no argument whether the students outfit is too revealing or offensive, and it is causing debatable arguments with school officials and student and their family members. Also, kids who are unable to afford the nicer brands of clothes they would be less likely to be bullied for their clothing or feel ashamed. Uniforms are an easy fix to the dress code debacle, with students still being able to express themselves freely.
In a 2013 survey, it showed more than 90% of parents were pro-uniform, being that uniforms are cost effective, of course they would be more favorable. Not having to buy all those hip new trendy name brand outfits, a “North face” costing over 100 dollars, “Ugg’s” starting at a steep 150. The Huffing Post wrote in 2013 that an average parent spends about 600-700 dollars on back-to-school clothes. While another article wrote that on average school uniforms cost about 250. Being on a fixed income it is hard to buy everything your child wants and needs for school. The school uniforms being at a lower cost than regular clothes, it would give you more money for anything else your child would like. In example, that cool trendy backpack they were looking at or
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However, there are other ways to do so without the revealing or ill-fitting clothes. Uniforms would be only for school and the purpose of school is to learn. Try adding accessories to the uniforms and you may find you actually like it. Dressing in uniform could make everyone feel a little more comfortable while going to school. Everyone in the school environment deserves to feel comfortable with their surroundings, and every parent deserves a break with going back to school for their