School: Family and Puerto Rico Essay

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Journal Entry #1

Growing up with so many cousins was the best thing I think I could ever wish for. I loved that I always had someone to go to school with, someone to play house with and also being able to trust someone to share secrets with. I loved the fact that my cousins and I have such an amazing relationship because they are considered my friends and at the same time they are family it was like having the best of both worlds. I cherished the fact that I had so many cousins because pretty much every night felt like we were having a sleep over party. Every since my aunt and cousins moved out of Texas to Puerto Rico I always begged my mom to let me go and of course she would always say no. However, years would go by and I would still beg my mom to let me go, but her answer always remained a no. So I just dropped the conversation and never brought it up again until on day my family had a scare, which involved my grandma according to the doctor’s, my grandma only had about one week to live. I come from a big family my grandma has 13 children. You cant imagine how many hearts were about to be broken. Finding out this horrible news my family that lived out of state came down here to Texas to say their goodbye. Not knowing how to handle to this station my family and I just prayed and hoped for the best. I guess we can say our prayers are where answered, because my grandma being the angle she is she survived. After everything was settle and our worries were over I knew it was time to convince my mom to let me leave with my auntie and my cousins back to Puerto Rio. In the back of my mind I knew I could get my mom to say yes only if I found a way to keep it a secret from my dad. Finally I got my mom to say yes only if I got my dads approval, but I knew that getting my dad to say yes was impossible so I decided to convince my mom just to keep it a secret. At first she was totally against the idea until she gave in and said yes. At that moment I was the happiest kid every I remember running up to my cousins and telling them that I would be leaving with them and that I was going to be living with them