School Food Safety And Nutrition Progra Essay

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School Food Safety and Nutrition Program

Here at our school we have a nutrition program and food safety program in place. We are sending this letter home with information for parents to know about what our school is trying to encourage keeping your children healthy.
This is some advice on healthy foods to consider in order promoting a better health for your child:
Sandwich with jelly
Crackers and cheese and pepperoni
Apple or orange juice
Some kind of fruit
These are just some examples of healthy foods that you can pack in your children’s lunch.
Please do not pack any foods that contain peanuts because there are students in our school that have many severe allergies to them. Thank you
These are, some ways to preserve your child’s lunches to protect them against disease:
If food should be eaten cold, use frozen freezer packs or an insulated lunch box.
If food should be eaten hot, heat food before your child leaves for school and store it in a heated- preserving container or a thermos.
Consider and insulated lunchbox or freezable gel packs to keep the lunches at their safest temperatures.
Here at our school we have a no food- sharing policy because some kids in this school have a severe allergies to certain foods and this is to insure that your children will be keep safe, healthy because they are eating the food that you packed for them. We want to respect the families that have their own believes on what their child should be eating. Sharing could also make the kids