Essay on School: General Electric and Jeff Immelt

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Nichole Harley
Jeff Immelt
January 15, 2013
About Jeff Immelt and His Managerial Skills Jeffrey Immelt was the ninth Chairman of General Electric in 2001. Jeffrey’s father worked at GE first in General Electric Aircraft Engines Division, this later influenced Immelt to become part of the company in later years. Immelt made his way from a district sales manager to vice president of GE Appliances. Immelt encountered millions of recalls for refrigerators as a result of failed compressors. His tact and managerial skills earned him the respect of the workers during this difficult time and he was known for giving memorable motivational speeches at the factory from a forklift. Immelt was able to lead his employees through a rough time with his inspirational words. Immelt then moved up to GE Medical Systems, this division was in much need of financial guidance. Immelt was able to control the problem and then became one of the world’s most influential and successful medical-imagining companies. Immelt was able to take control of a financial problem and then turn everything around so that everything worked out in the end. Immelt then lead GEM’s revolutionary mammogram technologies into mainstream medical care and brought the world’s fastest CAT-scan machine to the marketplace. Immelt was able to organize a way to keep managers in divisions longer so that they could feel the consequences of their decisions whether good or bad. Immelt also organized it so that GE’s old Schenectady lab in New York could be revived. He later renamed it Global Research Center; scientists experimented with everything from nanotechnology to hydrogen power. This added more efficiency to better his company with different technologies that will be different than his competitors have. Immelt’s first few years as GE’s CEO he planned to use technology better, he planned on diversifying management, and he planned to on reaching the consumer in order to connect with their needs.