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Kyle Mirvis

Communication 404

March, 26, 2012

Professor Joan Vantassel


This paper will discuss the following elements, 1.) Give an overview of a company that is using digital content for their marketing campaign. 2. Explain which consumer segment(s) is the campaign target. 2.) What platforms did the marketers use? (TV, radio, print, Internet, games, social media) 3.) What was their message? (Why should anyone watch/buy/listen to/attend) this digital content? 4.) Explanation of how successful the campaign was. Titleist is a golf brand name that is part of the Fila Company that sells golf equipment and apparel that is produced by their main company Acushnet which is stationed in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The Acushnet Company’s main gem is the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. Titleist also produces golf clubs and other golf equipment, as well as clothes and cleats under the golf Brands Pinnacle and Foot Joy. In the golf world, the Titleist brand is one of the best. Golf is a sport that can be played by a wide range of individuals. With a wide range of individuals playing the sport, there comes a large variety of different Brands of selling their golf products. The only way golf Brands will be successful, is to market the product to anyone who plays the game. Golf balls are divided into two different categories. There are recreational golf balls, and advance golf balls. The recreational balls are marketed more to the beginner golfer, who likes to just get on the course and get away from everyday life. These balls are made of two layers, the cover of the ball is a very hard surface and a lot firmer than the inside core. The advance balls are usually made of three or more lawyers with a very soft cover and a firmer inside core. Of the soft outside layer gives the ball a lot more spin and control over golf ball. Titleist does not just sell the ProV 1 golf ball. Titleist sells over 10 different models of golf balls. So, the target market for this brand ranges from beginning golfers all the way to golfers to