Essay on School: Great Bear Lake and Seekers Great Bear

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Seekers Great Bear Lake

The book I choose to do for this report was, “Seeker Great bear Lake”. The author of this

book is Eric hunter. The reason why I decided to read this book was because I had read

the first one and it was a really good book, therefore I decided that I would just read the

second one.

The main characters in this book are Lusa, Tolko, Kallik, and Ujuark. Lusa, Tolko

and Ujuark end up all traveling together to go to a place, called, “The Great Bear Lake”

where they celebrate the longest day. When they finally get there they all

Split up and go their seperate ways. Tolko ends up going to an Island where no

other bear has gone for many years, while Lusa goes on a journey to see other black

bears because she was to nervous to stay around all of the brown bears and Ujuark ends

up staying by himself on the great bear lake with all the new friends that he has made their. Kallik is

still on the search for her brother but along the way she meets a fox the helps her along

the way until she finally makes it to the Great Bear Lake where she meets many polar bears

and she ends up finding Nanuks friends and tells them about the death of Nanuks,

and then they tell her about when the ice is coming back. Finally, she ends up running into

her brother who ends up telling her to leave him alone and he ends up leaving her.

The book takes place in the wilderness and the time period of this book is in the