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Book Jacket Project
Genre: Mystery
Due: Friday, October 31

For this book project, you will create a book jacket about the book you have read. You need to complete the book you selected before starting the actual book jacket. Try to have the book read within 2-3 weeks, so you will have plenty of time to complete the book jacket.

Constructing the Book Jacket 1. Cut a sheet of oak tag or posterboard 11 inches high by 2 feet long. (any color, thicker paper tends to work better) 2. From the left side, measure in 4 inches and place a light pencil mark. Also place a mark 11 inches, then 13 inches, and then 20 inches from the left side. 3. With a ruler and a pencil, lightly draw a vertical line at each spot you measured from the top to the bottom. The oak tag or posterboard can then be folded inward along the lines. Check the diagram below.

|COVER FLAP |Title, Author, Barcode, |SPINE |Title, Author, Your Name |COVER FLAP |
|Picture of |Publishing Company | | |Describe 2-3 |
|Author | | | |Main Characters |
| | | | | |
|Author Biography| | | |Character |
| | | | |Illustration |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| |QUOTES | | | |

Written Portion: You will need to neatly handwrite or type each of the written sections of the book jacket. The templates provided should serve as a place for you to write your rough draft. If you choose to type the written sections, make sure the margins will fit the panel measurements. You can download the templates from my website at You can then click inside each panel in the Word document to add text. If you handwrite each section, try paper-clipping a lined piece of paper underneath a blank piece of white paper (similar to how we did the Important Books in class) so the final copy doesn’t have lines showing. Please also try to handwrite the final copy in pen, rather than pencil.
Book Jacket Grading Rubric

Front Cover ____ / 15
Design a cover for your book jacket that includes:
The title of the book (3)
The author’s name (3)
Your name (3)
A creative illustration. This should be eye-catching and reflect an important part of the book. Your illustration needs to be hand drawn and can be in colored pencils or markers. (6)

Book Spine ____ / 15
Use creative lettering to design a spine for your book jacket. (6)
Include the title of the book (3) and the author’s name (3)
Write the name of the publisher at the bottom of the panel (3)

Back Cover ____ / 20
On the top half of the panel, include the title and author (2), a barcode (1), and the publishing company. (2)
In the middle section, write a 2-3 paragraph summary of the book that highlights the beginning, middle, and end of the book. Remember, the summary states the facts, not what you thought about the book. These paragraphs should not include a personal opinion, but should include information about the plot, the characters, and the main events that occur in the book. You can include