School Lunch Program Research Paper

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Identical to tiredness and sleep, a body can fight the urge to fall asleep, but despite all its attempts, if a body is too tired, the body shuts down slowly, and then all at once. The obesity epidemic facing America is as identical to; tiredness and sleep in a sense that if nobody changes America’s eating habits, the United states will just fall into a deep sleep and ignore the issue of this epidemic. Throughout the years, obesity and other health related issues that arise from having a poor diet, have sprung up all around the communities in the United States. Those hit hardest by this rapid epidemic are the younger generations, of middle and lower income families. How exactly can one do a part to bring this epidemic to a halt? Considering the youth is the one who is facing this epidemic head on, the school lunch program should use its funds to a better use and invest in a school garden to provide more fresh and organic fruits and vegetables available to students nationwide. According to New York Times: “No Lunch Left Behind,” the School Lunch Program: implemented in 1946, was designed as a means to …show more content…
Clubs such as the environmental club on campus have been wanting to maintain a school garden, but have been restricted because of fund necessities. If the funds from the School Lunch Program are implemented into the school garden, then the issue of how the garden can be funded would be much more miniscule. Some organizations such as the School Garden Grant who are concerned with children’s health, also help give “monetary grants” to schools who would like to start a school garden in order to implement fruits and vegetables into students diets (Whole Kids Foundation). Starting a school garden could be manageable with some monetary assistance from the School Lunch Program and other organizations willing to