School: Mafia and Real-life Organized Crime Essay

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Organized Crime
Jenette Rodriguez
CJ350: Organized Crime
January 23, 2013

Organized crime is illegal acts committed by a criminal organization or group, working together to achieve something. Real-life organized crime, however, also includes mobsters from Russia and Eastern Europe. Organized crime is all about making money the dirty way. Prostitution, trafficking people, drugs, pornography, financial scams, computer crimes, genocide, and terrorism are all included in organized crime. These are all the things the mafia would do to make money. Organized criminals been known as the mafia since the 1800s, and these organizations have been in the United States from the early 1900s. One of the most famous of the Italian mobsters in the United States went by the name Charles "Lucky" Luciano, who came from Sicily in 1907. He is credited with helping establish the modern mafia, or La Cosa Nostra, which is the organization of Italian and Sicilian. In Russia, they have been regarded as the leading threat to national security because of the threat they pose to political institutions and the economy. Today, organized crime comes at us from every corner of the globe. Now with so many operations like undercover cops and surveillance cameras, organized crime is more under control then it was years ago.
8 Attributes of Organized Crime
The first attribute was no political goals, second one was hierarchical, third one was has a limited or exclusive membership, fourth one was constitutes a unique subculture, fifth one was perpetuates itself, sixth was exhibits a willingness to use illegal violence and bribery, seventh one was monopolistic, and the eighth one was governed by explicit rules and regulations.
A Firm Foothold
As organized crime gain a foothold in a country, their quest for money, power, and influence could move them into any number of alliances. This is design to organize the groups’ money. Americans use gambling and banking to gain a firm foothold.
Influence Government
A government is the ruling power in a political society. A Government depending on type can by head by polite. Organized crime, however defined, is characterized by a few basic qualities including durability over time, diversified interests, hierarchical structure, capital accumulation, reinvestment, access to political protection and the use of violence to protect interests. Monarchs, dictators, group of people families, wealthy class, and religious elite. (Chicago Syndicate, 2006) This concept of criminal organizations was, and still continues to be controversial, and it was not used in International Human Rights Law since then. (FBI, 2008). Governments implemented Laws because of the crime activities that were visible in their society; in relation to that we can say that crime is older than the first law and government.
Post-Prohibition Era