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Confidential Memo
To: IT Department
Ref: Security Breaches
As all may be aware, many companies are been warned of possible security breaches in light of the event of NSA’s security breach committed by Edward Snowden. Snowden is a former system administrator for the CIA, who later worked for a private intelligence contractor. He worked inside National Security Agency office in Japan and later on in Hawaii.
During his work at the NSA office in Hawaii, Snowden started to access confidential information from the U.S. intelligence database and downloaded all activities and partnerships with other governments. During this security breach Snowden access data that revealed the all the information the government agency was collecting on US citizens and corporations utilizing phone records and Internet activity. Some of the information collected was:
Phone and Internet metadata
Personal information of foreign leaders
YouTube monitoring in real time user information
Facebook and Twitter data
Snowden also came across information as to how the government was spying on criminals and how they were planning to develop tricks to be used against them. Some of the tricks were but not limited to,

The documents and information Snowden downloaded were all dated between 2010 and 2012; and they show how the government was planning to use all this information to destroy, deny, and discredit others by planting information to shut down their communications and activities. Snowden was able to access all this information by utilizing other top officials identities. Snowden was considerate and average person when hired and without much expertise. He proved government agencies that he had the necessary skills to access all classified information under a computer system with outdated technology back to 2003 instead of 2013.
Snowden leaked and provided documentation in 2012 to various journalists from different newspapers and to a documentary filmmaker named Laura Poitras. Two of the newspapers involved in exposing the information to the public received