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Precise Healthcare By Lance George (IMBC-D) 03/05/2013 Our group consisted of Debra, Treasa, Erica and Lance. We decided to mock a real business that was already in business which is named Wichita Medical Associates located in the same area as WTI. When searching for a name for our pretend business we stumbled over the word Precise (which we found on one of the posters on the wall). Precise means “Marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail. (of a person) Exact, accurate, and careful about details”. Precise Healthcare has 1 provider, 2 Physician Assistants, Receptionist, 2 Nurses, 3 Transcriptionist, 2 Nurse Practitioners, 2 Billers and 2 Coders, 1 Office Manager, (Total of 16 employees +1 Provider). | Once the Doctor goes to the Nursing home he inputs the patient information onto a Tablet then when he comes back to the office he puts the tablet on a docking station that downloads the patient information onto the main server and the billers retrieve the information from the server for billing. Our group did 2 interviews. The first one was with David at Wichita Medical Associates. This interview was done with Theresa and me. The second interview was done at Wichita Radiological Group. The person interview was Donna Haywood Billing and Coding Manager who has 30 years experience as a billing and coder which only 10 years has been at Wichita Radiological Group.The first interview with Wichita Medical Associates, Theresa and I learned that they only have a 10-14 day turn around and bill daily. The 2 nurses read the lab tests and then talk with the Doctor. They send any prescriptions electronically and the Nursing Home calls for any refills. Also they accept all types of Insurance, Medicaid Part B and even co-insurance. When asking David (The Office Manager) “What do you like most about your job” His response was “It is a game. There is always something new in the medical office that has to be solved.”The Second interview was with Debra and myself. This interview was with Donna Haywood of Wichita Radiological Group. When