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Assignment 3- Cutting Class Essay The video addressed the problem in America with our nation’s health and how obesity is becoming more common in the newer generations. One of the most vital courses important to our fitness and health which provided our younger generation with daily activity is being cut from our schools. Thus, the increase in the lack of education in health and fitness and the increase in health related problems such as obesity in our nation. I believe that cutting out physical education from schools has contributed highly to our recent statistics in increased growth of overweight individuals. I strongly believe that the reasons for cutting P.E. because of the lack of funds is completely idiotic, when school districts spend a good portion of their budgets making contracts with fast food and vending machine organizations to provide “food” for students. Past presidents such as John F. Kennedy and George H.W. Bush publicly announced, addressed, and stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle. What we have come to forget is that P.E. is necessary for a growing child to not only live a healthy lifestyle but to function properly in and outside of the classroom. Being physically healthy goes hand in hand with being mentally healthy; as stated in the video students who have active lifestyles have higher grades than those who have less active lifestyles. The school districts need to come to the understanding that education and physical education need to be balanced throughout a student’s early life. Physically active students will learn and grasp the material being discussed much better than a student who is physically inactive. The school districts need to see that excluding P.E. and having bad meals everyday for students affects the very scores that they are trying to reach. Although the schools say that this is only being done because they are pushing for their students to succeed with better test scores; they are actually setting up the students for failure. For the schools that still have P.E. available but allow uncertified teachers who are certified and specialize in other areas besides physical education is also setting up the children for failure. In my professional life I would stress that habits that the students develop now will become installed in their way of life and will affect their health, performance in the work force, or