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Laurianne Beaupre
Worldview short essay
Humanist: Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola

The Renaissance was a time period of master changes as well as a big revolution. It was a dramatic step forward for humanities. The word Renaissance is a French word meaning re-birth. Basically, the re-birth of art and culture in Europe after the Middle Ages (Bensalhia 1). Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola also known as Pico made a name for himself in the Renaissance. Like many other philosophers he aimed to find the theology and philosophy of how we exist or in other words; what is humanism? He is a great legendary who wrote the book, `` Oration on the Dignity of Man`` of l486 (Norman 1). This book is expressing Pico’s belief against the church dogma. According to his thoughts, people should live a free life and should be able to make their own decisions. Furthermore, this will create an impact that will affect their future and destinies in a positive way because their life`s belong to them. They have the power to take control of it and free themselves.
According to Pico`s core values I believe he had a perfect way to emphasized the uniqueness of human nature. In addition, the way he persuaded the concept of `` freedom and how human being should be able to make their own decisions, `` is simply how I see our human perspective. People should not be afraid of speaking up. Although, sometimes in certain condition I know it`s difficult to make our voice count but it’s all a question of matters. Our faith belongs to us. We should be the only captain of our soul. Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola stood up for humanities. He gave people a second chance to live as well as giving them the power of breaking free. He though human beings their