School: Rwandan Genocide and Good Friend Essay

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Left to Tell: Discovering God
Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust

People, places, and groups

1. 2. Rwanda- country in which she lived

3. Kibuye-Rwandan providence where Immaculée lived

4. Mataba- village in which she grew up

5. Kigali-capital of Rwanda

6. Lake Kivu-place where she use to go swimming (lake)

7. Tutsis-African people living in Rwanda and Burindi

8. Hutus-African people living mainly in Rwanda; in power when genocide broke out

9. RPF-Rwandan Patriotic Front; rebel group that attached the Hutu government

10. Interahamwe-those who attack in groups

11. Juvénal Habyarimana-president of Rwanda who was killed in a plane crash

12. Paul Kagame-current president of Rwanda and former leader of the RPF

13. Immaculée-author, the one telling the whole story, and main character in the book 14. Leonard- her father

15. Rose-her mother

16. Aimable-oldest brother (survived)

17. Damascene-next brother down

18. Vianney-youngest brother

19. Buhoro-the teacher; one of Bonn’s uncles

20. Clementine- her friend; gorgeous; Tutsi like her

21. Sarah-her friend

22. John-her boyfriend

23. Augustine-friend of Vianney

24. Pastor Murinzi-man who hides Immaculée and others girls for several months; ultimately saves their lives

25. Lechim- son of the pastor; one of the youngest out of 10; was her first kiss when she was 20

26. Dusenge- daughter of the pastor; one of the youngest out of 10

27. Janet- her bestfriend; Hutu; disowns her

28. Sembeba-one of the pastors sons

29. Athanasia- girl who was hid in the space with Immaculée; 14 years old

30. Beata-another girl who hid in the space with her who was 12 years old; “Blessed” and was wearing her school uniform

31. Therese-55 years old; the oldest one hiding with her and the other girls

32. Claire- hiding with them; she was Immaculée’s age, she was scared and frightened

33. Sanda- Claire’s little sister; 7 years old and the youngest of the group; she was in shock

34. Roméo Dallaire- the Canadian general in charge of the UN peacekeepers

35. The Abashi- a primitive tribe who lived deep in the forest and had virtually no contact with the outside world

36. Malaba- joined Immaculée and the others in the bathroom; was the same age as her

37. Solange- joined Immaculée and the others in the bathroom; was a teenager

38. Marianne- one of the pastor’s eldest daughters who had been hiding Malaba and Solange

39. Jean Paul- good friend of her brothers’; tells her about her parent’ and Vianney’s deaths

40. Jean Baptiste- John Paul’s brother

41. Laurent- her friend, a Hutu who lived a few houses away; hid Jean Paul and Jean Baptiste but went out every day and killed Tutsi’s with the people who killed their family

42. Murenge-her mother’s friend whom she went to borrow money from but was turned away. She told the killers to take joined Immaculée’s mother and kill her in the street

43. Bonn- good friend of Damascene from school (Hutu)

44. Jeanne and Esperance- Immaculée’s aunts

45. Nsenge-very good friend of