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School Security Security in schools has dramatically changed since the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999. Before then school security was almost non-existent because there was never a threat and in today’s world it might be a leading problem. School security is vastly different from what it used to be before all these school shootings, now it is essential this nation have steps in place in an attempt to prevent more shootings. The Columbine shooting was an event where two students were bullied in their years at this high school, then proceeded to get back at everyone by shooting up the school. Most people believe that the shooters are loners, but research of all the school shootings show most have a daily experience of being enmeshed in social friction. This meaning that each of the shooters want to be accepted by a group in society, and end up experiencing failure to be accepted along with the attention they seek. Furthermore, media plays a huge role in these shooting both good and bad. The bad side of the media interacting with the shootings is that they give the shooter the attention they are seeking. On the other hand, the good side is it brings awareness to other students around the nation to report anything that might be a threat. Shooters do not just make a split decision to do this, they have a long process of planning that takes around six months to work up. An effective way that can prevent the shootings is the student resource officers in the schools where they can build a relationship with all the students so they feel comfortable with telling them if they feel threatened in anyway by a student. Yet if funding gets low the first thing to go is usually the student resource officer, which increases the risk around the school. The most recent large scale school shooting was Sandy Hook and this horrific event brought light to the subject of schools getting more hi-tech security. The year after protection in schools around America grew largely, but the money for the school has ridden a rollercoaster, rising a year after a major attack, then falling as the memories fade. Even though schools have upped their security since Sandy Hook there have been 74 more school shootings. This makes us believe that the protection we put up is still not as effective as we thought it would be. Nationwide, about one out of every 4.5 million kids in school between the ages of five and eighteen dies from a school shooting. This showing that even though there are a lot of school shootings, it is highly unlikely that one may happen at ones school. There are things that schools need to do in order to help the cause more. For example, all schools should have a higher quality no bullying program to