School Shooting Research Paper

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School shootings America schools has become a dangerous place with increase in school shootings. Since 1992 there has been 3867 school shootings. Children as young as twelve and thirteen came to school not to study but to shoot as many people as possible. Kids of the age 5 to 14 living in the United States are thirteen times more likely to be killed by gun than other industrialized country.
The motivation behind school shooting involve payback for being harassed and bullied by more popular student. Others believe that shooters experience psychological trauma that occurred before they entered school. Others possible reason are they do not value life, they have mental problems, there not getting along with their parents and the use of drugs and alcohol . However, the most frequent motivation is revenge. More than three- fourths were known to hold a grievance, real or imagined, against the target or
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Shooter come from a wide variety of backgrounds that no accurate or useful profile of these at risk youth. They ranged from 11 to 21. The school shooters are children who are extremely depresses or desperate about three fourths of the shooters either threatened to kill themselves, made suicidal gesture or tried to kill themselves before the attack. Some of these shooters come from foster homes where they experience neglect. Then there are some who are excellent students who have good grades and have many friends. However, most school shooters have in common is that in some sort of way they were bullied. In conclusion school shooting is a major problem in America. Students should feel safe when they attend school. There are think about the things you say to someone because you never know it could push someone over the edge . School shooters do not have to fit the ideal profile they are just normal everyday human beings that are dealing with bullying and other