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This is the story of school and how I got to survive the ninth grade. I have a little bratty sister and she is going to sixth grade but doesn't understand the importance of studying when you get into a higher grade level. My ninth grade year was pretty harsh for me because it was my freshmen year and it was a new school that's why maybe.Many people ask what is dance and what purpose does it serve, dance has numerous definitions and ways that it can be described with. The definition of dance is a series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of the music. The main purpose of dancing is being able to express yourself, trying to make what you feel a visible a tangible thing, having fun, and enjoying it! Dancing is a way to express yourself through the movement and artistic choreography. I don’t think that there is a specific reason why people dance, because some people dance to enjoy themselves and others dance to get mates and some just dance to get in shape. Theatrical dance is more choreographed and precisely done whereas social dance is where you can do what you want more like a free style of dancing.
There are many different types of dances, but some of the major types of dances are hip-hop, Jazz, Break-dancing, ballet, Belly dancing, Tap, Country/Western, folk dance, Ballroom, Jive, and lastly Bollywood dance. Hip hop is the type of dance that is usually evolved from the hip- hop culture. It includes various moves such as breaking, popping, locking, and crumping. The period of Hip-hop was between 1970-1993. The movement that are involved with Hip-hop dancing are mainly breaking, locking, popping, and a lot of freestyle movements. Salsa it’s another type of dance which is done all around the world. Salsa is usually danced with a partner in a flirtatious and lively form. The time periods of salsa dancing were from about 1960-1983 and was started by a Cuban person. Salsa movements are fairly difficult; it requires for a person to stand tall and speedily twist and twirl on their tip toes. Jazz was originated from an African American culture. From the back in days jazz to the modern day jazz dance, it has had a great deal of moves and new additions added to the dance. Jazz dancing started in the late nineteenth century. The basic movement of Jazz dance is moving your feet up right, then crossing them, and stepping back with the first foot. Break dancing is also called B-boying and is very similar to hip-hop. Break dancing is a style of street dance that came from Black and Puerto Rican youths in New York City during the early 1970s. Break dancing is still done today but started in the early 1970s. The main and only movement involved in Break- dancing is called the 6-step and top rock. Ballet dancing is described as a gracefully elegant type of movement across the floor. This dance is usually done by ballerinas wearing either a pink, black or white type of attire. The time periods of Ballet dancing are around the 18th and 19th century. The movements involved in Ballet dancing are very simple in the end the whole piece should flow together and coordination is very important. Belly dancing is a North American term for Middle Eastern dance which is has a few names depending on the style. Belly dancing originated as a method of dealing with childbirth in most cultures. Belly dancing occurred in the time periods as far as 5000B.C. The movements of belly dancing come from the ‘belly’. Tap dance is a form characterized by using the sound of ones tap shows hitting the floor. Country- Western dance is an American style associated with both American and western traditions. The time period of this dance started from the 1774. Folk dance is recreational or ceremonial dance done by members of the community to which the dance is traditional. Folk dance started in the…