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Nathan Hornberger Beowulf and Superman are similar and different. Both have superhuman qualities, butthey have different skills that set them apart. Superman has many abilities like flyingand super strength. Beowulf has super human characteristics like super strength andhis ability to breath under water. The two hero¶s compared together differ in many waysbut still have some similar abilities and characteristics.Beowulf has many characteristics that make him a hero in the epic story. When he isfighting Grendal he displays his super strength when he rips Grendals arm off duringhand to hand combat. When he goes to kill Grendal¶s mother he portayed his ability tobreathe under water while being drug into the monster¶s lair. His ability to pick up themassive sword in the cave to kill Grendal¶s mother also shows that he has super strength. Beowulf is also very cocky. He brags about all his achievements and isn¶tafraid to tell everybody who he is. Beowulf has three major villains in the poems;Grendal, Grendal¶s mother, and the dragon. Beowulf travels to Danes to kill the evildemon that was terrorizing the people that traveled to Herot. Grendal¶s mother wants toget revenge on Beowulf for killing her son, so she goes to Herot and kills the men andsoldiers and takes Grendal¶s arm back to her cave. Later on, Beowulf kills Grendal¶smother, becomes king, and lives for 55 winters as the king. The dragon then attacks thepeople of his kingdom because a slave had stolen from him. Beowulf