School Teaching and Supervision Essay

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Schools, Teaching, and Supervision
Grand Canyon University
Reflections on Schools, Teaching and Supervision
May 5, 2014
Schools, Teaching, and Supervision
My beliefs are supervisors are in a school to be leaders and raise the bar for the school, teachers, students, and community. Supervisors are there to continually drive the school mission and vision statements. My beliefs as a future supervisor most closely follow the philosophy of essentialism. Furthermore, “Teacher supervision is a formative process that focuses primarily on improving instruction”.(L. Kalule, Y. Bouchamma pg.89) This is mostly based on how I was raised and the beliefs instilled into me as a child, young adult, and adult.
I was
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This may be the foundation a relationship is built on, or directed to when discrepancies arise.
As a future supervisor I will need to listen to the wants and needs of the teachers in my school and give each and every teacher the support they need to be successful. This is based on the research that says, “Revealing needs makes one vulnerable and in a professional context is accompanied by the risk of appearing other than competent”. Teachers are busy from early morning to late afternoon just being the classroom. Many times they due not have the time to get what they need to keep their classes up to speed. This is where a supervisor needs to be present and help with the wants of the teachers. Teachers, especially newbies, will be looking for support from all different angles when they begin their new career. The first few years are very trying for new teachers and they will be looking for all the support they can get, and someone to bounce ideas off also.
By meeting the teacher’s wants and giving them the correct support, positive relationships will be built. These relationships need to be professional and stay this way as long as the two work and get paychecks from the same place. Crossing the line into being personal friends can definitely backfire down the road. It is best practice to stay professional and avoid any chance a backlash from personal relationships.
Supervisors need to be visible throughout the school day. Supervisor